Mission trips

Another way through which I share the Gospel to people is through mission trips. In this way, since 1996 I’m organizing mission trips in Romania, Ukraine, Moldova Rep. and other countries to take the message of the Gospel.

Through these mission trips we can do evangelism either in the church services, personal evangelism, help through christian literature, support through food, clothes and shoes or training the christian local leaders.

I thank God for these opportunities through which we can help the christian church to take further the message of the Gospel.

Church planting

Because Eastern Europe was greatly affected by communism for nearly 5 decades is really necessary church planting ministry. There are so many towns and villages in this region without any evangelical churches where the Gospel could be preached with clarity. Its my desire and of this mission to help the church planting ministry.

In this way, we help the church planters for this outreach with christian literature, providing Biblical study and evangelistic events.

Equipping the pastors and missionaries

In Eastern Europe its necessary to provide Biblical and theological training for the christian ministers because there are still many that do not have that. The training of the pastors and ministers is important because its a way in which the church can be developed and be involved in christian mission.

Through the years I had the opportunity to be involved in this outreach and I believe its necessary for this outreach to be continued.