Missionary projects:

Pro Charis Association develops some projects that have the purpose of defending the message of the Christian faith presented în Scriptures and to proclaim this message through preaching, through Christian literature, and through media. Also, I organise Christian events, Biblical conferences or Creationism conferences to strengthen the message of the Christian faith and the Christian witness.



Since 2006 to 2016 I had developed a big mission among the Romanians from Ukraine, especially those from Odessa region. There I supported Romanian Baptist Churches through evangelism meetings, camps for kids and youngsters, training the ministers/missionaries, provided material support for the missionaries and erected a building of a sanctuary in a Romanian village.

Also, I organised every year camps for kids and young people from Romania, Ukraine and Moldova. Since 2009 I started books publishing and its getting further every year and în 2015 I started the outreach în Christian media through the collaboration with the Christian Journalist Cristi Tepes.



Since 1996 I was able to do outreach în many places colaborating with churches and organisations. I thank God for the doors he opened for me and the great opportunities to do missions.

– colaboration and service with churches from Ukraine

– colaboration and service with churches from Moldova Republic

– colaboration and service with churches from Hungary, Austria, Italy, Danmark, Sweden, UK and Ireland

– colaboration and service with churches from USA

– colaboration with Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, becoming NGA evangelist

– colaboration and service with Answers în Genesis, publishing their books& materials în Romanian.


Ongoing projects:

– regular mission trips în Moldova Republic for preaching

– publishing Christian literature

– Producing Christian media programs: documentaries, recordings of church services, Christian concerts and Christian events

– planting churches în the north-east of Romania

– social projects.


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