Since 2015 the outreach în Christian media was launched through the invitation and colaboration with the Christian journalist Cristi Tepes. Who worked at the department of spiritual life for 25 years în the Romanian Television în Bucharest.

At this moment, I am în the process of collecting interviews& research for the documentaries that will speak about the Romanian Bible smugglers în Communist times, documentaries about Romanians who hided Jews during the Holocaust from Romania and documentaries about Churches  that suffered under Communism times due to big fines, threats with demolition or other hardships.

Recently, a documentary was produced that speaks about Evangelical Reformation in Romania – the life and work of Teodor Popescu.

Its the desire and vision of Pro Charis Association for the future to produce documentaries, various recordings from church services, Christian concerts, Christian events or other programs that will help the Christian media from Romania.