Publishing ministry

As I started in 2009 the publishing ministry with the book on creationism of pastor Petru Popovici its my joy to succed in publishing. I am glad that 6 books were already done through my efforts and 7 others are on their way to be published soon. I would appreciate your help in providing for…


Christian libraries in Eastern Europe

The passion for Christian literature made possible to help in the development of three Christian libraries in Eastern Europe…here are the pictures from Draganesti-Olt, Romania and Cahul, Moldova Republic. Its good to know that there are young people that give time for reading.

Providing food supplies for the poor of Vaslui county

In this autumn, the Lord focused my attention again for the poor people of Vaslui county. Its a country where the soil is not quite fertile and they also have many social problems…For many people over there, the food remains a major problem…Through the generosity of a few churches from United States, the Lord helped…