Evangelistic campaign celebrating the Reformation Suceava, Romania 5th -10th of October

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In the begining of October I will organise in my city some evangelistic events in order to celebrate the
500 years since Reformation started in Wittenberg, Germany. This campaign will start at Suceava
university campus where in a big hall the students will watch the movie Martin Luther. It is a preamble
for the symposium that will take place soon after words. There will be preaching in two baptist churches in my city,
recalling those times and the blessings we have today because what was done than. Also, there will be a
seminar for ministers in order to get deeper in the life&theology of the Reformers and a symposium at the
History Museum which will be for students, intelectuals and christians. Please, pray that these events will
have a spiritual impact for those who will attend.




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