Presents, carols and the nativity story for the poor children of north-east of Romania

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The month of December is greatly loved by children especially because is the presents month. If children receive presents from their parents, there are many children who, because of the poverty they live in, they dont have a chance to receive a present through the year or at Christmas. For this category of children I received from Northern Ireland and England 245 shoe-boxes which were a real joy for so many children from the counties of Suceava, Botosani and Neamt. In the images that are posted you can see the event organised on December 23rd in the village Valea Bourei, Suceava county together with three volunteer leaders from Suceava. The event had the purpose to teach the children about the real reason of this season which is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this way, we sang carols, shared the nativity story and taught them a Bible verse about the coming of Jesus Christ in this world.

Of course, the great joy was seen at the end when everyone received a present and for every family was given a calendar.

Many thanks to those who think to produce some  joy for those who are dealing with poverty in this life.

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