Providing food supplies for the poor of Vaslui county

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In this autumn, the Lord focused my attention again for the poor people of Vaslui county. Its a country where the soil is not quite fertile and they also have many social problems…For many people over there, the food remains a major problem…Through the generosity of a few churches from United States, the Lord helped me to take to Vaslui county nearly 12000 pounds of potatoes. The person I worked again, bro. Paul Marica, the pastor of Negresti Baptist Church, was again very pleased about this project and through him, this basic food will get to about 150 families from Vaslui county. When I arrived there brother Paul told me that a family from his church prayed a night before that they will have potatoes for the winter that is ahead. The Lord answers prayers! Many thanks to the Christian Aid Ministries organization from Patrauti, Suceava county that provided freely the transport for this social project. Once again, many thanks to those who contributed toward this great project!

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